Springfield Balloons (DBA Balloon Dog Events) creates wild creations because of its talented creators (our staff).  We are an Event business specializing in balloon decor.  Our clients are everywhere, and we travel to them, this includes frequent travel to Dayton, Cincinnati, Columbus and Sidney.  Our team members have somewhat pre-set hours; however, they do get asked to work outside of their normal scheduled hours as events can range from early mornings to late nights.  As balloons are as light as air, our gear is not (bases, hedge walls, lighting, rigging and other props).  We frequently have to be able to lift up to 35lbs, occasionally there is lifting in excess of 35 pounds, but we work as a team to get the job done.  We build most of our creations in our shop located in Enon, OH between Fairborn and Springfield.  We then transport them to a location to finish setting up and return to retrieve them when the parties areover.  We obviously have a love for events and balloons, but also have to be able to tie balloons and we can't be afraid of balloons popping.  Our staff works independently on some jobs, and works as a team on others, so communication and people skills are a must.  We are an equal opportunity employer.  If you are interested in joining this talented group submit your information below.  

Do you have a High School diploma or GED

Do you have a valid driver's licenses?

Can you tie a balloon?

Do you have a fear of balloons?

Can you lift up to 35LBS?

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